Hello Canoeist

We have gone on an extended canoe trip with Blaine Miller / Allagash Guide  for four years in a row;  the St. John, the St. Croix, The Allagash and The Bonaventure in Canada. Every trip has been terrific.  Blaine is a real outdoorsman and he provides us with great insight, equipment, delicious food [we gain weight every trip] and a real outdoor experience that shows us the beauty of the great North Woods.  With Blaine’s help, we get better every day with our canoeing skills and we feel comfortable traversing the white water that we may encounter. We have taken both experienced canoeists and complete beginners on the trips and it is great to see everyone’s abilities improve every day. We have also fished very successfully with his guidance and have also seen our share of moose and other wildlife while on these adventures.

We look forward to our yearly trips with Blaine and feel very lucky to have traveled with him.

Christopher Bukata